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The (Management) Education of a Charter School Leader

This week, Deborah Kenny, the founder of the Harlem Village Academies charter schools in New York City, wrote an impassioned argument against government-mandated individual teacher evaluations. Kenny, who draws at least some of her inspiration from management gurus such as … Continue reading

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Lessons for Chicago from the Labor Wars of the Industrial Era

Back in the 1970s, American industry knew just what was wrong with American industry: Recalcitrant workers and high wages, which made products made in the U.S.A uncompetitive with Japanese imports. The result, especially in Detroit and the U.S. auto industry, … Continue reading

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Why Carrot-and-Stick Incentives Get An “F”, An Answer to The New York Times

The New York Times recently published an editorial calling for teachers to be punished or  rewarded based on the academic growth of their students, ignoring the fact that individualized incentives fail to increase overall performance or quality—either in education or … Continue reading

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Quality in Complex Medical Systems – the Limitations of Lean & Six Sigma

Preface: I am delighted to host a guest blogger, my friend Wes Chapman and an expert on clinical data systems. Wes has a keen interest in process and systems improvement in healthcare. This article is the first of a four-part … Continue reading

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Trauma in Telecom Land, Part 2

How Verizon Treats its Customers: 1 Month, a Dozen Calls and $310 to Get Service Restored In a recent blog post, “Why I Tried…and Failed…to Fire Verizon”, I described the systemic screw-ups and service break-downs that led me to try … Continue reading

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