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Building A Better Teacher: Some Hard Lessons of Ed Reform

I picked up Elizabeth Green’s new book, Building a Better Teacher, with great anticipation. By the time I finished reading the nicely written, highly detailed descriptions of some of the latest efforts to improve teaching, I was alternatively gratified, intrigued … Continue reading

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Talking About Turnarounds-Done-Right At Old-Fashioned Public Schools, EduShyster and I Chat on Bloomberg Radio

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jane Williams, host of Bloomberg EDU on Bloomberg Radio, together with Jennifer Berkshire, who is also known as Edushyster, an insightful education blogger and contributing writer to The Chronicle … Continue reading

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inBloom, Education Technology and the Murdoch-Klein Connection: A Son-of-Frankenstein B-movie Sequel?

Last Sunday’s New York Times ran a fascinating story on the controversy surrounding inBloom, which promises to serve as a one-stop warehouse-in-the-cloud for student data, but which many educators and parents worry might compromise the privacy of kids in grades … Continue reading

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A New Book By Wharton Professor Debunks the Skills Gap

Even at the peak of the Great Recession when the official unemployment rate in the United States neared double digits, it was an article of faith that the problem with the labor market wasn’t a shortage of jobs, but a … Continue reading

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Windfall or Whipsaw: Will Funds from A Microsoft Settlement Help Cushion School Budget Cuts?

New York City schools may soon learn what it feels like to discover that a rich uncle you didn’t even know left you a tidy bequest. Amid a torrent of bad budget news in recent weeks, New York City schools … Continue reading

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Is Louisiana Getting Ready to Test Toddlers?

Louisiana, which has become the national laboratory for bringing business-minded accountability to education—an effort that has come to full flower in New Orleans where charter schools educate close to 90 percent of its students—is turning its accountability lens onto publicly … Continue reading

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The (Management) Education of a Charter School Leader

This week, Deborah Kenny, the founder of the Harlem Village Academies charter schools in New York City, wrote an impassioned argument against government-mandated individual teacher evaluations. Kenny, who draws at least some of her inspiration from management gurus such as … Continue reading

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